Four Reasons Why It Pays To Be On The Child Care Food Program

Fact #1 The CCFP means better nutrition for healthy bodies and growing minds. By reimbursing food costs, CCFP lets you buy higher-quality food while charging competitive rates. Meals that meet nutritional standards boost dietary iron and foods high in vitamins A and C, and help set healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. National childcare studies report that participation in the Child Care Food Program is a primary indicator of top-quality child care – with over 87% of the highest-rated family child care homes in that study participating in the CCFP.

Fact #2 When you join the CCFP, you have access to a full range of nutrition education services. Nutrition information, training and support – all these can help keep food costs down and assure higher quality meals. Nutrition education will also benefit your own family.

Fact #3 The two-tier reimbursement system assures you of significant benefits at the bottom line. Whether you are tier 1 or tier 2, you will benefit from joining the Child Care Food Program. In 2015 82% of our providers receive tier 1 reimbursement.

Fact #4 Both lower and higher-income child care providers can boost their cash flow by participating. Here’s a chart comparing the cash benefits of joining the Child Care Food Program (CCFP).

Other Benefits

The Child Nutrition Program of Southern California offers many other related benefits to the providers on our program:

  • Free online claiming
  • Experienced and caring staff who were former day care providers
  • Nutrition & Safety Education
  • 3 Ring Binder complete with program requirements, forms and handouts